This site is currently in the beta version. We invite early adopters to check it out and provide critical feedback that we can incorporate.

“We have tried every treatment available. Nothing has worked. Is there a clinical trial near me where I can participate?”

“Where is the closest expert in lupus nephritis to me?”

“I am looking for a female doctor specializing in FSGS, but I can’t find one. Is there a place I can search?”

“We are looking for a doctor who can enroll my wife into an IgA nephropathy trial. Where can I look for one?”

“I am looking for an expert in FSGS in our city. But I don’t know where to look. Is there a directory?”

We have created this site to:

Provide a curated list of available trials for patients and doctors.
Provide educational information about diseases for patients and doctors.
Share up-to-date information about clinical trials and enable the exchange of experiences.
Allow peer-to-peer connections between Network members so they can communicate and seek each other’s help about options for clinical trial participation and referral.
Help members of the global community locate study sites and doctors who can discuss trial opportunities close to the patient.

For patients and caregivers

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For healthcare professional

GlomCon Member Portal. For healthcare professionals interested in the latest on glomerular disease diagnosis and management. GlomCon is purpose-driven, and our goal is to enable our global network of nephrologists and nephropathologists to come together and define the future of glomerular disease care. GlomCon is a nonprofit, charitable 501c(3) organization registered in the U.S.  GlomCon membership is open to everyone interested in learning more about glomerular diseases. However, the highly specialized content is unlikely to be valuable to patients and the lay audience. [learn more]